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So, What Is Testosterone And How Do I Increase Testosterone Levels, Quickly?

Well, to put it simply, testosterone is a hormone found generally in humans, but some critters have it too. So what is testosterone really?

It's found both in men and women, but in a generally  lower amount in women. Women have higher levels of a hormone called estrogen.

Men however, starting at puberty are testosterone filled beasts (well some of us). We all have levels of this scrotum juice throughout our lives, but it really starts to kick in and take over our lives around puberty, and depending on how much testosterone any particular guy has he may start puberty as early as 9.

This is when life gets weird, for most guys voices start to drop, muscle mass starts to build and our thoughts are generally packed with the all encompassing thought of SEX.

Increase libido and sex drive


All of a sudden that Sunday paper with the lingerie section from Macys, wait, kid's have the internet now days. I'm starting to feel old.

So what is testosterone? 

To sum it up, testosterone is a huge part of the male life cycle. It regulates our sex drive, lean muscle mass, bone density, even our ability to gain weight and regulate our moods.

It starts to take over during puberty, peaks around 25 and then starts to bail on guys around 30.

Most men go from trying to hump everything that walks, to barely wanting to hump, it's a sad decline.

higher testosterone means higher libido

That's why most men start getting all lazy and shit, the sex drive just isn't the same anymore and that spare tire starts rolling around the middle.

Low testosterone levels in men can drop the mood, increase the belly, and even start the loss of all that hard earned muscle mass!!

Fat lazy monkey ain't fuckin' and Mrs Monkey ain't happy...

testosterone is the fountain of youth for men

However, all is not lost!

Yes, men just because you're getting old fat and lazy, doesn't mean you need to be put out to pasture yet.

In fact, most of this loss of your manliness can be corrected by using testosterone supplements, eating right, getting enough sleep and yes working out.

A simple blood test will let you know if your testosterone levels have significantly dropped, but you're a man, you know if you aren't bringing it anymore.

Now, just getting older isn't the only cause of low testosterone levels.

Chemotherapy, back injuries, or just becoming a fat ass will do it too.

It used to be that you would have to go in and get expensive treatments, or shoot yourself in the ass meat with horse juice.

Luckily, the days of complex expensive high risk injections and treatments are over!!

The supplement industry has really stepped their game up in terms safe and natural ingredients used in the Best Testosterone Booster Supplements.

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If you are a bit skeptical about taking supplements, that's totally cool check out this article on how to increase testosterone levels quickly. We have come a long way since the horse juice days, let me show you how to increase testosterone levels naturally.

In fact, you can eat, workout and sleep your way to higher testosterone levels.

That's right, you can become a sexy man beast again through improving your diet, hitting the gym and catching a good night of ZZZ.

boost testosterone boost lbido boost sexy time

More than likely, your night will be filled with XXX once your lady (or man, I don't judge) friend see's how rock hard your "body" has become.

So what is Testosterone?

It is literally the fountain of youth when it comes to being a MAN! 

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